In a surprise announcement made by ‘Dickinson’ star Hailee Steinfeld, students subscribed to Apple Music’s student tier will gain access to Apple TV+ at no additional cost.

The details of this new offer – including its terms – have not yet been shared by Apple at the time of writing. Much like the student subscription to Apple Music, it is unlikely that the bundled access to the company’s new TV+ streaming service will support Family Sharing.

Despite that, this offer is a fantastic deal for students and one that in comparison reduces the bundle to just a 3rd of the price when comparing it to a single person $9.99/month and $4.99/month subscription to both Apple Music and Apple TV+. This announcement could well be the precursor to a much rumoured service bundle which has been said to be in the works for some time.

Apple TV+ launches this Friday for $4.99/month with purchasers of Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod Touch hardware granting one full year of service.

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