Apple TV+ Original Dickinson has followed last weeks debut at the Tribeca TV Festival with a second trailer to celebrate the release of new Hailee Steinfeld single ‘Afterlife’. The new trailer introduces new cast members whilst giving a better taste of what to expect from the modern take on the American authors life.The show also stars Wiz-Khalifa as Death and Ella Hunt as Susan Gilbert, the Apple TV+ original looks set to explore a popularised theory about the eponymous poet. Promoting her new single ‘Afterlife’; Hailee Steinfeld told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe:
“One of the things I love so much about this show is that of course its a period piece about Emily Dickinson which takes place in the 1850’s but it’s driven by contemporary and urban music. When I read the script for the first time that was one of the main things that stood out to me.”
The singer and actress spoke about the TV project and her executive producer role:
“It’s been so incredible working with Apple on this project as it’s a new venture for them and for me as-well. I’ve never really done anything before in the TV space. A lot of how this all works is new to me to”.”I’m executive producing the show which is my first time filling that role. I wanted to show up  in a way that wasn’t just as an actor. I wanted to be a part of the decision making processes and see things through from the beginning, middle and – to the – end.”
On Rap star Whiz Khalifa being unveiled as a cast member earlier this week, Steinfeld had this to say:
“We have some amazing guest stars. Whiz Khalifa is in our show, which is crazy and amazing and weird and wonderful. It’s so funny to see what people have had to say about him being in the show. People are a bit confused but they’re going to be very very happy.”
You can watch Hailee Steinfeld’s Beats 1 world exclusive interview in full, as-well-as the new trailer for the modern period piece below.
Hailee Steinfeld’s new single ‘Afterlife’ is available to stream on Apple Music. Dickinson is part of the launch lineup for Apple TV+ which launches on November 1st in over 150 countries at $4.99/month.
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