Apple Announce ‘The Big Conn’ True-Crime Docuseries and Accompanying Podcast

16 Feb

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Apple TV+ have today announced ‘The Big Conn,’ a new four-part true-crime documentary series premiering May 6th.

The series created by Emmy Award winning filmmakers Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez tells the unbelievable true story of the larger-than-life eastern Kentucky attorney, ”Mr. Social Security” Eric C. Conn, who defrauded the US government over half a billion dollars in the largest Social Security fraud case in history. The crime landed him in jail for 12 years with 15 additional years added to his time behind bars after his attempt to flee the country. Produced through their FunMeter Productions banner, the upcoming true-crime series will be executive produced by Hernandez, Lazarte, and Peter King and Co-executive produced by Matt Kaye and Shannon Pence.

The subject of a highly competitive situation for which Apple were victors - ‘The Big Conn’ will premiere alongside an Apple TV+ Original companion podcast that will further explore Conn’s con alongside his outrageous lifestyle with additional interviews and behind-the-scenes details. The documentary which offers a blow-by-blow reconstruction of Conn’s wrongdoing will make its global premiere at next month’s hybrid SXSW festival with its first two episodes on March 16th.

Up Next: In preparation for ’The Big Conn’ witness Lazarte and Hernandez’s first true-crime series ‘McMiliion$‘, now available in the TV app.

Sigmund Judge
Sigmund is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ScreenTimes where he began his Apple TV coverage in 2016. With an unwavering passion for Apple, storytelling and storytellers alike, he writes about Apple TV with a focus on the arts, development, tvOS, home theatre and accessibility. Sigmund also co-host’s Magic Rays of Light, a weekly podcast exploring the world of Apple TV and the many talents bringing our screens to life.