Cece Bell - "Look for the super-hero within"

15 Jan

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Cece Bell, El Deafo's author and illustrator turned narrator and executive producer for its on-screen animated adaptation has now delivered her accompanying authors note, now available on the Apple TV YouTube channel.

Based on her 2014 graphic novel, 'El Deafo' gives a loose autobiographical account of Bell's childhood and life following her hearing loss, shortly after falling sick with meningitis. It's a beautifully honest retelling of how Cece navigated fourth-grade through an ironic choice of anthropomorphic bunny characters, voiced by Pamela Adlon, Jane Lynch, Chuck Nice, co-written and produced by Will McRobb (The Adventures of Pete & Pete) and directed by Gilly Fogg (Lighthouse Studios).

Announcing the animation on her blog last month Cece had this to say -

"This is my own unique story, and it’s important to me to repeat what I say in the Author’s Note at the end of the book: I am an expert on no one’s deafness but my own. But we are all experts on what it’s like to feel different from everyone else, and to be lonely — and so my biggest hope for this show is that it will be good company to anyone who needs a friend."

The short authors note which accompany's the three-part Apple Original see's Bell sketch and interact with her animated name-sake and feature's archival photos, a look inside the box that came with her Phonic Ear and some incredibly wise words from an incredible human-being and storyteller, available to view in its entirety below.

Fun Fact: Cece Bell was awarded both Newbery Medal Honor and Eisner Award's for her book which has received global critical acclaim.

’El Deafo's three episodes are available now on Apple TV+.

Sigmund Judge
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