'From Dickinson, With Love' Surprise Documentary Now Available

12 Jan

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'From Dickinson, With Love', a new behind-the-scenes documentary reminiscing on memories made during the making of three seasons is now available to view within the show’s TV app extras.

The surprise 23 minute tribute includes footage documenting the shoot for the show’s very first scene in 2018 up to the very last goodbye in 2021, offering a fond farewell to the hit show which delightfully weaved drama and comedy to tell the coming-of-age story of Emily Dickinson through unrequited love, infatuation, determination, rebelliousness and timeless work from the real-life poet.

The documentary includes new interviews with the cast and crew of the multi-award-winning fan-favourite, including star and executive producer Hailee Steinfeld, and creator, writer and producer Alena Smith, alongside the shows ensemble cast, available to view in its entirety below.

Fun Fact
: The Emily Dickinson Museum will soon welcome visitors to view props and items from the series following the recent additions to its archives.

Dickinson’s three season run can now be enjoyed in full on Apple TV+.

Sigmund Judge
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