HBO Max Fixes Apple TV Playback Problems, Issues Apology

9 Jun

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At the end of last week we detailed an update to the HBO Max Apple TV app that introduced a whole host of issues, making the app almost unusable. Check out our article for the very long list.

The issues were so bad that HBO exec Andy Forssell even addressed them in a reply to John Siracusa on Twitter.

Thankfully, HBO has now issued a software update that reverts the playback UI to the original tvOS version. I've verified this in the 50.30.2 update and can confirm everything is back to normal from skipping ahead to asking Siri 'What did they say?' and everything in between.

HBO Max's support Twitter account also tweeted about the update, even acknowledging that they 'missed the mark'.
While this update was bizarre, frustrating and baffling as to why it even saw the light of day, it is good to see HBO address it reasonably quickly and apologise for it. Hopefully HBO Max decide to stay with native tvOS playback and we won't be forced down this road again.

Your HBO Max app should update automatically but if it doesn't you can find it in the App Store and hit the Update button.

‍Jonathan Reed
Jonathan, ScreenTimes’ Contributing Editor has been lucky enough to work on Apple products his whole life, ever since his Dad brought home a Mac Performa aged 11 (him, not his Dad). Apple is just engrained in his life, especially nowadays, as a graphic designer. His nerdy enthusiasm for Apple is only matched by his love of TV and film. Whether a buzz-worthy new show or blockbuster, a small cult show or an indie film, he’ll watch it. So Apple TV meets right in the middle of that Venn diagram! He also writes on his personal site, He lives in London and is writing his own bio in the third person.