Julianne Moore Struggles with a Darkness Within in the Trailer for Lisey's Story

11 May

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Aside from Servant, there hasn’t been a whole lot for horror fans on Apple TV+, but that is about to change with the release of Lisey’s Story. Based on the 2006 novel by Stephen King, the story centres around Lisey Landon (Julianne Moore) who is trying to come to terms with the death of her husband. As she finally decides to sort through his possessions and look back on his life, Lisey begins to face certain truths about her husband and also must confront threats from individuals looking to get their hands on his unpublished work.

Lisey’s Story also stars Clive Owen (‘Children of Men’, ‘Inside Man’) as Lisey’s deceased husband Scott, Jennifer Jason Leigh (‘Atypical’, ‘The Hateful Eight’), Joan Allen (‘Room’), Ron Cephas Jones (‘This Is Us’) and Dane DeHaan (‘Chronicle’, ‘Kill Your Darlings’), who looks absolutely menacing as Jim Dooley. 

The trailer promises lots of Stephen King mystery, romance, psychological horror and some absolutely stunning, spine-chilling visuals.

Series director, Pablo Larrain (Jackie) seems like a perfect choice for this story, produced by J.J. Abrams (‘Lost’, ‘Star Trek’) and adapted by Stephen King himself. King has stated that this is his favourite of all of his work and that elements of the story are based on his real life encounters with stalkers. The novel is said to be very personal to him, so it’s no surprise that he has been so heavily involved with bringing it to the screen. 

Lisey's Story premieres its first 2 episodes on Apple TV+ on 4th June.

James Lees
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