Oprah Winfrey: A Personal Letter

18 May

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Apple TV have shared a personal letter from Oprah Winfrey in the days leading up to the worldwide premiere of The Me You Can't See. The documentary series co-created and executive produced alongside Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex seeks to examine and better understand mental health and well-being through conversation and illuminating stories from across the globe.

In the open letter Oprah recounts the beginnings of her journey for a better understanding on mental health and wellness:

When I first opened my Academy for Girls in South Africa in 2007, I noticed on the third day that these young girls were behaving in ways I didn’t understand and wasn’t expecting. I called on neuroscientist Dr.Bruce Perry, a child trauma expert and psychiatrist, to help explain their behaviour, and came to understand how the events of their past were impacting their lives, and how symptoms of their mental health challenges were showing up. His insights altered the way we operated the school. We now have a shared language to discuss challenges, and the student know they all be heard if they reach out to share something they are struggling with.  Since then, I felt deeply compelled to better understand mental health and wellness. A few years ago, following a conversation with Prince Hary, we discovered we both held a desire to destigmatize this highly misunderstood subject and give hope to viewers who learn that they are not alone. In partnership with Apple and a renowned group of accredited experts, we created the doc-series that explores the current state of mental health. Through personal and intimate stories from a range of people around the world, out intention is to life the burden of shame that surrounds mental health.  Our hope is that more people feel encouraged and comfortable having these conversations with loved ones and their communities, and that we learn to have more empathy for others and ourselves.  We appreciate your time and efforts in sharing these stories.  Sincerely, Oprah Winfrey
Source: Apple TV press

As someone who has had varying struggles with my own mental health, I’m incredibly appreciative to see Apple TV, Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry use their platforms to help open dialogue and understanding in what has been an otherwise stigmatised subject matter effecting every one of our lives directly or indirectly.

The Me You Can’t See premieres on Apple TV+ on 21 May.

Sigmund Judge
Sigmund is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ScreenTimes where he began his Apple TV coverage in 2016. With an unwavering passion for Apple, storytelling and storytellers alike, he writes about Apple TV with a focus on the arts, development, tvOS, home theatre and accessibility. Sigmund also co-host’s Magic Rays of Light, a weekly podcast exploring the world of Apple TV and the many talents bringing our screens to life.