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11 Jun

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Home Before Dark

Apple TV+ | S2, E1 | 44 min | TV-PG

Home Before Dark's sophomore season premieres this weekend with more mystery for the whole family to uncover together. From the co-writer of Cruella and director of In the Heights. Young investigative journalist Hilde Lisko struggles to let the mystery of Richie Fife go, even as a mysterious explosion leads her to new secrets buried within the town's past. You can read our full recommended review of season 2 here.

Lisey's Story

Apple TV+ | S1, E3 | 52 min | TV-MA

After last week's thrilling debut, Stephen King's adaptation continues with its third episode titled 'Under the Tum-Yum Tree' where the bool hunt leads Lisey to a moment from her past, when Scott shared a confession about his family and traumatic childhood.


Apple TV+ | S2, E5 | 29 min | TV-14

In 'Maddest Sweetest Thing' Nikki and Jason search for a bigger child-friendly flat after disappointing news leads Nikki to fight for a new promotion opportunity at work. Jason's parents struggle's cause his father to get handy as the two attempt to have a conversation over a cup of tea.

Mythic Quest

Apple TV+ | S2, E7 | 30 min | TV-MA

'Peter' sees Mythic Quest continue the story started by last week's flash-back episode - which dare I say may have been outdone. C.W. and unwilling chauffeur/ unwitting grand-daughter Rachel visit an old friend turned bitter rival.

Apple Arcade

Legends of Kingdom Rush

Apple Arcade | Strategy | 9+

Along with notable updates to Crossy Castle and Fledgling Heroes comes new Apple Arcade release Legends of Kingdom Rush from Ironhide. An RPG strategy game which see's you embark on an epic journey through the medieval fantasy world of Kingdom Rush. The game complete with Rogue-like elements includes over 100 narrative events as you fight your way through lush forests, rugged mountains and devastated wastelands.

ScreenTimes Apple TV Recommendations:

Introducing Spatial Audio

Apple Music on YouTube | 31 min

Sigmund - "This week hasn't left much space for TV shows and movies I can talk about today. Instead I've been listening to a lot of music thanks to the introduction of Lossless and Spatial Audio to Apple Music. I've been revisiting fun moments from my previous career whilst also appreciating new mixes in Atmos from the likes of the Weekend, Taylor Swift, John Williams and Billie Eilish.

In an interesting fireside chat, my old MTV colleague Zane Lowe sits down with godfather of Chicago Rap No I.D. (Producer & Atmos Ambassador), Sylvia Massy (Producer, Mixer, Engineer), and Manny Marroquin (Producer) to discuss the evolution and future of sound and how the new format is going to deepen the connection between music artists and fans." 

Feel Good

Netflix | 2 Seasons | TV-MA

Jonathan - "This semi-autobiographical show from stand up Mae Martin slipped under a lot of people’s radars when it premiered on the UK’s Channel 4 in March of last year. Including, it seems, Channel 4 themselves who cancelled it. Luckily Netflix have stepped in to give it a second, and final, season which premiered last week.

It’s a wonderfully sweet, witty and heartfelt story about a comedian (Martin), a recovering addict who gets into an intense relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie). Not only is she having to control her impulses, she’s having to deal with issues of gender, sexuality, depression, her career and being George’s first girlfriend. A fact she’s not keen to reveal to friends and family. Oh, and her mother is Lisa Kudrow."

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

Disney+ | 1 Season | TV-PG

James - "Being a huge fan of the original Mighty Ducks and sports movies in general, this series was always going to be a must-watch for me and it did not disappoint. Rather than going down the remake route, ‘Game Changers’ returns to the existing Mighty Ducks universe that fans of the original film are familiar with but does so in a way that makes it easy for newcomers to jump right in. Much like ‘Cobra Kai’ did with the ‘Karate Kid‘ series, the show plays around with a bit of role reversal and the Ducks are now the show’s villains. It was a bold direction to take the show in, but one that works well and introduces a new dynamic to a familiar underdog sports story set up. Lauren Graham is fantastic as the out-of-her-depth coach and Emilio Estevez slips right back into the role of grumpy Coach Bombay like it was yesterday. There’s plenty of laughs and feel-good moments for the whole family and some nice easter eggs and fan service for fans of the original films."

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Sigmund Judge
Sigmund is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ScreenTimes where he began his Apple TV coverage in 2016. With an unwavering passion for Apple, storytelling and storytellers alike, he writes about Apple TV with a focus on the arts, development, tvOS, home theatre and accessibility. Sigmund also co-host’s Magic Rays of Light, a weekly podcast exploring the world of Apple TV and the many talents bringing our screens to life.