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1 Jul

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Welcome to another edition of 'Up Next' here at Screen Times. It's a rare week where Apple isn't launching a news series or movie, but that doesn't mean there's not lots of things to watch!

This week James Lees published his review of the upcoming series 'Black Bird'. Suffice to say that James was blown away by the limited series calling it 'a lean, nail-bitting six hours of television that ramps up the tension with each passing episode' with 'two fantastic performances that should earn the show awards recognition.' Impressive words! You can read James' review here and stream 'Black Bird' from next Friday on Apple TV+

Don't forget to keep up with all of the latest Apple TV and Apple TV+ news right here on Screen Times.

With that, here's our guide to your week ahead on Apple TV.

Apple TV+


S1, E4 | 24m | TV-MA

'Excitement Park': Arthur helps Molly sort through her financial portfolio after she realizes she owns several problematic companies.

For All Mankind

S3, E4 | 52m | TV-MA

'Happy Valley': A surprise maneuver during the journey to Mars provokes desperate measures.


S2, E5 | 34m | TV-MA

'Don't You Want to Watch': Tyler and Bunny concoct a scheme. John confides in someone who was close to his father. Sheila and Greta get advice from Vinnie Green.

MLB Friday Night Baseball

Rangers @ Mets / Angels @ Astros

Two more big games on Apple TV+ this week with Texas Rangers heading to Flushing to face the NY Mets before Los Angeles Angels travel to Houston to face the Angels.

Apple Arcade

My Bowling 3D+

Family | 4+

iWare Designs brings you My Bowling 3D, probably the most realistic and playable Ten Pin Bowling game available on mobile devices. Boasting fully textured game environments and full 3D rigid body physics this game is the complete package for both casual and serious gamers.

Create any kind of shot you like by adjusting your stance, direction and ball spin. The shot types are only limited by your imagination. The simple drag and swipe interface allows you to pick up and play the game quickly, or alternatively for the more serious bowlers we have included additional features to allow the ball to be positioned and the shot shaped as required.

Apple Fitness+

Coach Cory joins the Fitness+ team in the studio after being the voice of some 'Time To Run' outdoor workouts in previous weeks. Why not work out with him as he trains with Scott?

Apple Music

Soccer Mommy is the moniker of Sophie Allison, who's been around in this form since about 2015. Falling in the same wheelhouse as peers like Mitski and Phoebe, but carving out her own sound, this new LP has vibes of indie rock and country as well as other influences. And is all the better for it!

ScreenTimes Apple TV Recommendations


Disney+ | 2h 40m | PG-13

Devon: "Independence Day weekend is upon us in the U.S., and I’m planning to celebrate by watching one of my favorite musicals. Hamilton chronicles the founding of the United States through the eyes of one of the lesser-known founders, Alexander Hamilton. It tells the story of revolution through the language of hip hop and highlights the roles of women, abolitionists, people of color, and one immigrant who would not throw away his shot at making a mark on the world. I’m so glad this show is available to stream featuring all of the original cast members, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr., Daveed Diggs, and Phillipa Soo (whom fans of Shining Girls will recognize). Patriotism is a concept I’ve never particularly connected with, but when I watch Hamilton, I am inspired by the ideals behind the founding of my country, and I’m reminded of the importance of continuing to fight to make those ideals a reality today."

Obvious Child

TV app, Showtime, Hulu, Prime Video | 1h 24m | R

Sigmund: "Obvious Child follows comedian Donna Stern's everyday life providing ample material for her hysterical and relatable brand of humor. On stage, Donna is unapologetically herself, joking about topics as intimate as her sex life and as crude as her day-old underwear. But when Donna winds up unexpectedly pregnant after a one-night stand, she is forced to face the uncomfortable realities of independent womanhood for the first time. Donna’s drunken hookup sparks the beginning's of a hilarious and totally unplanned journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Jenny Slate gives a career best performance in this 2014 dramady which is as raw and energetic as it is, poignant and vulnerable. Writer/Director Gillian Robespierre handles the topic of Donna's unwanted pregnancy with a refreshing matter-of-factness rarely seen onscreen (filmed in many local clinics now closed). With the recent reversal of Roe vs Wade and womens rights to bodily autonomy at an unthamomable historical low-point in the United States, this is timely viewing."

Beavis & Butt-Head Do The Universe

Paramount+ | 1hr 25m | TV-14

Jonathan: "It seems every week we're getting classic shows relaunched or rebooted. Some are successes but more often than not they're a shadow of themselves. Luckily this new movie about our favourite horny, metal loving teenagers falls into the former camp. Directed by John Rice and Albert Calleros from a script by creator Mike Judge and former Futurama ace-writer Lew Morton, this movie realises why it was a success before and doesn't mess with the formula. Our lead characters are still clueless and still obssesed with fire, explosions and, of course, 'scoring'. It's still purile, it's still stupid, and it's still incredibly funny. I found myself snickering along to the many (many) dick jokes just like I was a teenager again."

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