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15 Jul

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Welcome to another edition of 'Up Next' here at Screen Times. This week, Apple TV+ gained a massive 52 nominations for this years Emmy Awards, with Ted Lasso and Severence scoring big.

This weeks new episodes on Apple TV+ contain some definite new contenders for next year's ceremony in Black Bird and Loot, while For All Mankind continues to thrill and Physical has more dark laughs.

Don't forget to keep up with all of the latest Apple TV and Apple TV+ news right here on Screen Times.

With that, here's our guide to your week ahead on Apple TV.

Apple TV+

Black Bird

S1, E3 | 58m | TV-MA

'Hand to Mouth': Struggling with his transition to maximum security prison, Jimmy initiates a friendship with Larry. New holes in Larry's stories are uncovered.


S1, E6 | 26m | TV-MA

'The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards': The Wells Foundation team attends a ceremony where Molly is receiving an award for her charity work.

For All Mankind

S3, E6 | 1h | TV-MA

'New Eden': The astronauts move quickly to build Martian bases.


S2, E7 | 34m | TV-MA

'Don't Try This at Home': With Danny and Greta pledging their support, Sheila makes a decision no one expects.

MLB Friday Night Baseball

Pirates @ Rockies / Diamondbacks @ Padres

Apple Arcade

Subway Surfers Tag

Family | 4+

Join the Crew across multiple off-limit, interactive city locations. Skate over the retired trains in the railyard, play in the park after dark, pick up some power-ups at the cargo docks or investigate the mysterious underground. But watch out! Guard is not about to put up with these shenanigans and is hot on your heels - and this time, he’s brought reinforcements!

Apple Fitness+

Jaimie Ray is doing his Time to Run this week and the location is Palm Springs! There's also more artist spotlight series from Prince and Katy Perry.

Apple Music

World Wide Pop by Super Organism

Jonathan: "The 2018 debut fro these pop experimentalists was a favourite of mine from that year and the follow up doesn't dissapoint. A catchy mix of synth/indie/pop that's sure to get your toes tapping.

ScreenTimes Apple TV Recommendations

Only Murders In The Building

Hulu | Season two now streaming | TV-MA

Devon: "This murder mystery series benefits not only from an iconic cast, but also a hilarious premise: Three true crime podcast fans set out to find a killer living in their posh New York apartment building and document the investigation with a podcast of their own. Comic legends Steve Martin and Martin Short unsurprisingly bring plenty of laughs, and they’re balanced out nicely by Selena Gomez’s dry, almost biting wit. Lots of great guest stars appear (including Amy Ryan, Cara Delevigne, Sting, and Amy Schumer), and there’s a compelling mystery each season to boot. It’s no surprise that Hulu picked up Only Murders for another season this week. We’re at the halfway point of season two right now, so if you don’t the mystery spoiled for you, now is the time to catch up!"

The Black Phone

TV App | 1 hr 42 min | R

James: "Scott Derrickson returns to his ‘Sinister’ roots with this unsettling, yet captivating slice of horror. ‘The Black Phone’ tells the story of a town terrorised by a mysterious figure referred to as ‘The Grabber’, who has been abducting local children. We focus on Finney, a smart but quiet 13 year old, who is taken and trapped in a soundproof basement. There’s lots of Stephen King vibes flowing through this one and the small town 70s setting is just fantastic as is the attention to detail paid to the time period and overall aesthetic. Ethan Hawke is extremely creepy and unsettling as ‘The Grabber’ and I liked the supernatural element. It’s never overdone or given too much explanation and the film is all the better for it. The performances from the kids are brilliant too."

A Humane Film


Sigmund: "This week’s pick is a little strange in the sense that I’m recommending something I have been anticipating for almost half a decade and yet I don’t quite know what to expect myself. Humane is a technology company you may not have heard about, and that’s with good reason. The company has been shrouded in secrecy since its inception, but that may be about to change this week with its first reveal, a film directed by Ryan Staake.

Humane’s mission is an ambitious one, aiming to be “the next shift between humans and computing. The Best human experience, ever.”

Co-founded by designer, inventor and innovator Imran Chaudhri and software engineer Bethany Bengiormo, the couple met whilst working at Apple. Bethany joined Apple in 2008 as a project manager and helped ship products including Cut, Copy and Paste on iOS 3.0 and helped to launch the original iPad in 2010. Her husband Imran spent over twenty years at Apple and is responsible for imagining and creating some of the world’s most beloved consumer products, like the Macintosh, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone. Imran is best known for his work on inventing the groundbreaking user interface and interactions on the iPhone, and is named as an inventor on thousands of patents.

It’s clear that these two visionaries have lots going for them, but its also clear that their vision has also captured the imaginations of many insiders. The company now spans over 140 employees with 60 of those previously at Apple, and with patents including a wearable projection system connecting to a cloud-computing platform, its clear that however significant this weekend’s reveal ends up being, its set to be historical."

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