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18 Feb

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Welcome back to another edition of ‘Up Next’ here at Screen Times. Earlier this week, our very own Sigmund Judge sat down with Jandy Nelson, author of ‘The Sky is Everywhere’ to talk about adapting the novel for the screen, her writing process and a lot more. Make sure you check it out and then check out the film too, if you haven’t already! As usual, the week has seen quite a few Apple TV+ announcements and you can catch up with all the news right here too.

With that, here’s our guide to your week ahead on Apple TV.

Apple TV+


Series Premiere | S1, E1-2 | TV-MA

Patricia Arquette and Tramell Tillman in 'Severance'

The highly anticipated new drama series from director and executive producer Ben Stiller finally arrives on TV+ this week. In ‘Severance’, Mark Scout (Adam Scott) leads a team at Lumon Industries whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs. You can read our full review of Severance from Sigmund Judge now.

Lincoln’s Dilemma

Series Premiere | 4 Episodes | TV-PG

Lincoln's Dilemma

A modern-day examination of Abraham Lincoln in the context of his times, featuring never-before-heard stories as well as close-up perspectives of him as a man. The series explores a side of Lincoln rarely seen and provides a fresh perspective on a story that feels more timely and relevant than ever when explored alongside the events that Americans are living through today.

The Afterparty

S1, E6 | 31 min | TV-MA

'The Afterparty' brings us an animated episode this week.

After last week’s high school flashback, the focus returns to present day in this episode. This time, it’s Zoe’s turn to share her side of the night’s events, which get animated in her retelling.


S3, E5 | 26 min | TV-MA

Rupert Grint and Toby Kebbell in 'Servant'

Following one of the most intense kitchen scenes in television history last week, the Turners attend a block party on Spruce street which sees Sean cooking up a feast for the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Leanne finally begins to feel comfortable outside of the house, but soon finds herself in danger.


S1, E4 | 50 min | TV-MA

Kunal Nayyar and Tom Rhys-Harries in 'Suspicion'

Following the suspects returning home, Eddie teams up with Aadesh to clear their names while Natalie helps Vanessa and Scott in their quest. Katherine, meanwhile, faces pressure to tell the truth.

Apple Arcade

Wylde Flowers

Adventure | 12+

'Wylde Flowers'

In this cozy life and farming sim, you play as Tara, who arrives on rural island to help out her grandma and the family farm. Players will explore a wholesome world of magical realms, beautiful beaches, secretive forests, the town and meet a charming cast of fully voice acted characters with intriguing back stories to reveal. You’ll also transform the family farm into a productive haven bursting with fresh vegetables, fruit trees and cute baby animals.

Apple Fitness+

Anja's new heart month HiiT

To celebrate heart month, the Fitness+ team had a limited edition award up for grabs this week for completing at least 30 minutes of exercise on valentine’s day. Who managed to earn it? Let us know over on Twitter.

This week, we’ve been enjoying the new ‘Time to Walk’ episode feature UFC legend George St-Pierre and are still trying to catch our breath after Anja’s tough new 30 minute heart month HiiT workout.

ScreenTimes Apple TV Recommendations


Hulu | Season two available now | TV-MA

'Dollface' Season 2

Devon: “Kat Dennings stars as Jules, a young woman who lets her relationship with her boyfriend consume her life, which becomes a problem when he unceremoniously dumps her. Heartbroken, she’s forced to reconnect with her college friends and learn about the importance of female friendships. She’s helped along the way by a literal cat lady who lives in her mind. I had a lot of fun watching the first season of this series, so I was excited to see it come back. The forays into Jules’s imagination give the show that extra bit of quirkiness, but the cast is what really sets this one apart. In addition to Dennings, the series stars Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky. The onscreen chemistry between these four makes their friendships come across as dynamic and meaningful, which is what the show is all about. I’ve been enjoying season two of Dollface on Hulu this week, and I think you’ll like it, too. Now if only Brenda Song could convince her fiancé to make another guest appearance…”


HBO Max | 8 Episodes | TV-MA

John Cena in 'Peacemaker'

Jonathan: “With the final episode of Peacemaker airing this week it’s the perfect time to catch up if you haven’t already been enjoying the hilariously violent, thrilling, tighty-whitey-dancing antics of Peacemaker and co. With John Cena playing the titular Peacemaker character that he originated in last years ‘Suicide Squad’ the show is written and directed by that films writer-director James Gunn. While expectations were high they’ve been exceeded by some fantastic action, relentless jokes and a surprising amount of dramatic weight as Peacemaker cuts quite a tragic figure. This show will for sure be on many people’s end of year lists. Plus, those opening credits!”


Netflix | 3 Episodes | TV-MA

Kanye West and the late Donda West

Sigmund: "Making its debut this week jeen-yuhs is the story not only about the coming up of a cultural icon, but how Kanye West’s path intertwines with filmmakers Coodie & Chike. Full of never before seen archival footage, the first episode is both powerful and inspiring. Recommended for anyone trying to make it in any given industry they aspire to be in. A timely, empowering release.”

Boiling Point

TV app | 1 hr 34 min | R

Stephen Graham in 'Boiling Point'

James: “The most stressful film experience since ‘Uncut Gems’. The always fantastic Stephen Graham stars as the head chef of an upmarket London restaurant who is dealing with several difficult personal and business situations, while trying to keep his restaurant running smoothy in what becomes an increasingly chaotic shift. The whole film is also shot as a single take, which only adds to the nerve-wracking tension and increasing levels of stress throughout. Watching this, I drifted between being utterly gripped and sitting in stunned silence to feeling angry and wanting to scream at the TV. By the time the credits rolled, I felt like I’d forgotten to breathe for 90 minutes. The film becomes even more fascinating when you read up on the behind the scenes trivia and how filming was almost impacted due to a looming lockdown. Utterly fantastic.”

New and Exclusive to the TV app This Week

Acorn TV:

  • Aftertaste


  • The Walking Dead


  • The Beatles And India


  • LBJ: Triumph And Tragedy


  • Marvel Studios: Assembled - The Making Of Eternals
  • Screen Queens Rising 
  • The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse
  • X / Onerated: The Muder of Malcolm X and the 55 Years to Justice


  • From


  • 30 For 30: The Tuck Rule

HBO Max:

  • Dream Raider
  • Icahn: The Restless Billionaire
  • The King’s Man
  • The Many Saints Of Newark
  • Off The Air - Season 11
  • Painting With John - Season 2
  • Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs - Season 2


  • Abraham Lincoln
  • I Was There


  • A House On The Bayou
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Season 1
  • The Feast
  • Fireheart
  • Gurran Leggan - Season 1
  • The King’s Man
  • Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck In Time
  • My Hero Academia - Season 5
  • Oscar Peterson: Balck + White
  • The Space Between
  • Titane
  • Trolls: Trollstopia - season 6
  • Vebus As A Boy


  • For Lucio
  • Love Affair
  • Taste 


  • AI Love You
  • Ali Wong: Don Wong
  • The Cupped Show!
  • Devotion, A Story Of Love And Desire
  • Downfall: The Case Against Boeing
  • Erax
  • Fishbowl Wives
  • Fistful of Vengeance
  • Forgive Us For Our Trespasses
  • Heart Shot
  • Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy
  • Last Man Down
  • Mo Gilligan: There’s Mo To Life
  • Rabbids Invasion: Mission To Mars
  • Ridley Jones - Season 3
  • Secrets Of Summer
  • Space Force - Season 2
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Thirty-Nine
  • Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow - Season 2


  • A House On The Bayou
  • Big Nate
  • The Space Between


  • Murderball
  • Trolls: Trollstopia - Season 6

Prime Video:

  • Lov3 
  • The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel- Season 4


  • Knocking
  • They Live In The Grey


  • Nine Days
  • Subjects Of Desire

Sundance Now / AMC+:

  • State Of The Union


  • The Hard Way
  • The Mad Miss Manton
  • Side Street
No items found.
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