Warner Bros. Finally Launch Ted Lasso Merchandise - But It's US Only

22 Jun

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UPDATE: We spoke with someone at Warner with knowledge of the situation about international sales who said "WB knows there’s interest and is looking at possibilities". When we hear anything more we will let you know. Follow us on Twitter to be kept bang up to date.

After a lot of teasing and many, many requests by fans, Warner Bros. has announced a selection of merchandise for it's hit Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso.

The delay was mainly caused by a very complicated ownership of the rights to Ted Lasso. Universal and Warner Bros. are both attached as studios with Apple as producers and NBC (part of Universal) also owning some rights, due to the character originating on the channel as a series of ads.

Agreements seem to have been made as now the WB shop is selling a selection of merchandise online. 41 products including t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, water bottles, mugs and more are available. Warner Bros. have promised more to come including properly personalised name and number team shirts (currently only standard lettering is available, not official Premier League branded).

Image of Richmond FC trainer sweatshirt

There is one major drawback, however. The merchandise is only available to ship to the USA. This despite the show being entirely shot and set in London, England and having drawn a truly worldwide audience. It's a huge shame and something we hope Warner Bros. will amend. We've reached out to them for any word on this and will update this article with any further updates.

If you're in the US you can go ahead and order from the WB store right now!

‍Jonathan Reed
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