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26 May

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Today, we’re thrilled to launch our new home for everything Apple TV.

For over a decade Apple have delivered innovative TV experiences through its ecosystem of quality hardware, software and services and for over half of that time I have been writing about the company’s journey to define the future of TV.

Over the past year Screen Times has grown from one writer to four, and over the past few months we’ve been tinkering away backstage on what we hope will be thought of as an extension of your screen times and a trusted home for Apple TV features, podcasts, interviews, news, tutorials and reviews, lovingly assembled by our team of talented writers.

TV is important to us all for different reasons. It’s a window created by a marriage of magical rays of light and sound through which we can escape together, and for storytellers, it’s a canvas to be used to surprise, entertain, educate, challenge assumptions, inspire new ideas and effect positive change. 

With the introduction of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade new voices and perspectives grow in significance with every passing day. As we continue to shine a light on all aspects of the Apple TV story we understand our important role in furthering the discussions and themes brought to life by a global community of Apple creatives and storytellers. Beginning today, elements of our editorial will reflect those themes with the remainder of May dedicated to mental health and well-being.

This past week also happened to see the next chapter for Apple TV 4K and you can only imagine just how excited we are to have received our new units. We’ll be publishing our initial thoughts over the coming days along with tutorials and a few surprises from Jonathan, Devon, James and myself.

Lastly, we hope you have as much fun visiting Screen Times as we do writing for it. We will be busy backstage over the next week re-formatting our back-catalogue of Apple TV articles and features so that they are accessible for everyone. In the mean time, we welcome any feedback.

Thank you for reading Screen Times, a place to believe in the arts, apps and the future of TV. Here's to the next chapter.

- Sigmund

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Sigmund Judge
Sigmund is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ScreenTimes where he began his Apple TV coverage in 2016. With an unwavering passion for Apple, storytelling and storytellers alike, he writes about Apple TV with a focus on the arts, development, tvOS, home theatre and accessibility. Sigmund also co-host’s Magic Rays of Light, a weekly podcast exploring the world of Apple TV and the many talents bringing our screens to life.