Contributing to Screen Times

Screen Times publish all sorts of articles related to the world of Apple TV. This is first and foremost a passion project and we’re wholly independent – driven by creativity and originality. We publish news, reviews, profiles, feature stories and interviews across digital media forms by way of words, audio and video. We also commission original video works, short documentaries and essay films.

Whilst we are always excited about the future of Apple TV, we have no interest in publishing rumours given the questionable ethics involved along with our need for surprise. Instead, we want to use our platform to cover a broad range of Apple TV related topics and ideas from a diverse range of sources and perspectives. We welcome ideas from everyone.

How do I send a tip or pitch a story?

We’re constantly on the lookout for stories with an Apple TV twist.
Screen Times commissions and publishes original content. Whilst we appreciate enthusiasm please don’t send us more than one or two ideas at a time, and please don’t send completed stories. If a version of your story has been published recently elsewhere please do let us know in advance and tell us how you would adapt the story to make it unique to us.

Please note that while we do our very best to reply to every email, the volume of submissions may result in it not always being possible to get back to you. Of course, you are welcome to chase us if you haven’t heard back after a few days.

Please send ideas, not stories or reviews to